Dance school
Dance school

The faculty of dance "Positions" was created and functions in Chania, Crete from 2008.
It is accomodated in a space of 160 sqm, in A. Papanastasioy street 163 in the region of Lentariana.
It is constituted by modern spaces of reception, lockers room for men and women, toilet and baths for infants and invalids.
In the baths there are also showers.

The danceroom allocates floor:

In the faculty of classic and modern dance “Positions” was used wooden flooring in the all spaces.
A) Flooring of type Laminate of Spanish origin, in the space of reception, in the offices and in the lockers room of men and women.
B) Flooring of type Deck Iroco macif, in the baths and the WC.
G) In the training room was placed special wooden athletic flooring with two distinguished layers (sub systems)
a) sub system of sub base that are fixed on specifically RUBBER PADS 10 mm.
b) sub system of coating that is constituted by flooring MERBAU of German specifications, that is placed navigable on t o sub system a, with sub layer SILENT FINSA. The upper flooring observes the specifications of General Secretariat of Sports and German model DIN 18032/2 for surface flexible athletic floorings.

Also it allocates system of ventilation and air conditioning:

In the dance school a central system of air conditioning with divided units for the rooms is used. It is air-conditioned with three V.R.V. SANYO systems. The three systems of category DC inverter are using ecological cooling, means R410 (non ozone depleting). They have exceptionally low level of noise and highest standard of safety. The technology inverter offers energy saving. In the training area we take big attention in the currents air that is created when the room is air-conditioned. We placed internal instruments of concealed type and distribute air with ventilators and variable orifices of roof. This system covers completely the total spaces of the faculty.


In the room is installed a studio soundsystem.

The faculty was created with the most modern specifications that fixes the legislation on spaces of aggregation of public and is recognized by the Greek government.
Director of the faculty is Anna Kostomoydi, graduate of Government owned Faculty Orchistikis of Art (KSOT).

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